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Resort living. Right at home.

Southwinds is known for creating one-of-a-kind outdoor environments that transform homes into inviting resorts —and we do it better than anyone.

We design and build outdoor living spaces that reflect your vision and your lifestyle. Our unique landscapes take into consideration your personal style, your surroundings, and the ambiance you desire for your home. Elegant, sophisticated, modern or eclectic—our innovative vision and extensive experience ensure that your home’s exterior presentation will be breathtaking, beautifully designed and uniquely yours.

For 20 years, homeowners like you have trusted Southwinds for resort environments that are exceptionally designed, cost-effective and ready to enjoy the day you move in. Count on us to create exclusive spaces that enhance your home’s style, comfort and value.


Designs created in harmony with your surroundings and your spirit.

We create unique, authentically styled resort environments that blend beauty and function with superior craftsmanship that endures. From a heavy stone Tuscan hearth to the casual charm of Santa Barbara Mission Style, we spend countless hours studying regional and period architecture, color and style trends, and lifestyle inspirations. We integrate space and use planning with artistic design and carefully selected, authentically appropriate materials to achieve the optimum effect.

For more than two decades, Southwinds has been perfecting the way we design and build outdoor environments. Our masons are true craftsmen, well-trained in flawless installation techniques. Our softscape and detail teams add the finishing touches with the perfect selection of plants, trees and furniture. The result is a stunning living space that mirrors the life you envision. Whether you’re looking for entertainer’s paradise, a family retreat or a peaceful oasis on a Sunday afternoon, Southwinds will take you there.


Our philosophy is simple: Exceed expectations and settle for nothing less than perfection.

We approach each project with a singular commitment to achieve excellence in every aspect of your design and construction. We leave nothing to chance, and no project is finished until you are completely pleased.

We set this standard for every member of the Southwinds team, No matter how large or small the task, our goal is perfection—not only by our definition, but by yours. Frank has perfected this philosophy— project by project and detail by detail—for the past 28 years. And today, Southwinds leads the landscape industry in innovative design ideas and solutions.


Transforming vision into breathtaking reality.

Translating a two-dimensional landscape plan into a finished, functional three-dimensional living space is an art and a science. Southwinds integrates design and construction better than anyone else.

Our projects mirror your visions and desires. Our experience keeps us one step ahead of the latest styles, technologies and trends, and we work closely with you to select the best features and capabilities for your location, architecture and lifestyle. Our design team creates a distinctive plan that incorporates both the big picture and the smallest details—a plan that doesn’t just look great on paper, but translates perfectly into real-world use.

Our dedicated production teams bring plans to life. Each specialized team operates as a cohesive unit, making way for the next team to begin its work. All teams work under the direction of Southwinds, giving us complete, seamless control over every step of the process. In addition, we own and manage our own supply companies: Newport Stone, Newport Precast and Newport Crane & Transportation. We supply and fabricate only for our projects, which results in total control over timing and creation of custom molds and treatments. This, in turn, ultimately ensures quality.

Our Project Leaders are experts in all areas of construction and are masters of project coordination. They ensure our production teams work quickly and accurately to maintain the highest standards of quality, handle any adjustments or alterations, and keep projects on schedule from start to finish. The result is an aesthetically inspired outdoor living space designed for function and comfort.


Southwinds relies on a dedicated production team concept. Each specialized team works as a dedicated unit and they move together from project to project making way for the next team to begin their specific production phase. We are well researched and sensitive to creating authentic environments that enhance specific architecture. We understand spatial layout and maximizing the use of outdoor living areas. Alterations and adjustments in the field are handled with ease coordinated by our project managers and support staff.

Project Leaders are experts in all areas of construction. This knowledge is integral to coordinate our specialized production teams to work seamlessly, quickly and accurately. Project Leaders ensure accurate installations, maximize quality control and keep projects running on schedule. Each unit stays together moving from project to project, maximizing production times by utilizing their specific knowledge and expertise. We own and manage our own supply companies; Newport Stone, Newport Precast and Newport Crane & Transportation. We supply and fabricate only for our projects which results in complete control over timing, creation of custom molds and treatments which ultimately ensures project quality control.